Sales Promotion

Sales promotions with real brand ambassadors significantly boost sell-offs, increase your brand visibility and customer loyalty. Highly motivated, smart and engaging sales promoters, coordinated by experienced project managers, can make this happen. We are your partner at the POS to maximize your impact and boost your sales. Whether tastings, sampling, counseling, street or guerilla marketing campaigns – we cover numerous types of activities. We can also help you find and coordinate exhibition staff for trade fairs and expos or trained brand ambassadors. We carefully select our personnel for your campaigns and activities, take care of planning and coordination and will keep you up-to-date with the success of your campaign with tailored reporting.

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Our service portfolio for sales promotions

Boost your brand visibility through sales promotion! With the right brand ambassadors you can amaze loyal customers and new buyers alike – if your campaign is set up correctly. With more than 25 years of experience we know how to sell and organize sales promotions. We are your professional partner at the POS, regardless of whether you are looking for short-term or long-term support.

Tastings, samplings, gastronomy activities and consulting

Customers want to know exactly what they are getting – and paying for. Getting to know a product, learning about the benefits upfront and trying it out before the purchase is essential to building a loyal customer base that will recommend your brand to others. This has become even more important given the huge range of products in stores nowadays. Samplings, tastings and consulting are a great way to get to know your customers and create a positive brand image that makes you stand out. Amaze your customers with staff selected, coordinated and managed by TMS!

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Exhibition staff and fair hostesses

Professional exhibition staff and fair hostesses play an important in role in representing your brand. Apart from making a great first impression, they need to be open, empathetic and know the facts of your brand and products. They become the face of your brand. We help you define the perfect persona for your brand, find suitable fits from our extensive staff pool and take care of all project-related matters. Promoters, exhibition staff and hostesses can sign up for our own database called PromoterWeb where we keep a GDPR-compliant track record of all relevant information, e.g. experience, language skills, industry and product experience, ratings and clothing sizes – making it easy to quickly find suitable brand staff and fair hostesses for your activities.

Event Promotion

Festivals, street festivals, Christmas markets and other festivities create a lighthearted, pleasant atmosphere – that makes customers more open to trying out new experiences and products. With the right marketing, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your product to new customers and to connect your brand and your product with positive emotions and pleasant memories. Our professionally trained event promoters know how to make your brand stand out while we take care of all administrative and organizational matters.

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Staff selection and staff management

Sales promoters become the face of your brand. Working with the right people who are your ideal promotional staff is essential for your success. Hand-picked promotional staff: Our recruitment processes are specifically designed to find the right people right from the start. Thorough phone and video call screenings and (online) assessment centers are tailored to get to know the candidates’ personalities, flexibility, and behavior in high-pressure situations. Our large databases, e.g. our in-house developed PromoterWeb, make it easy to quickly find sales promotion staff with a track record. Our experienced and dedicated team will work closely with you right from the start to make sure that your campaigns are organized perfectly. Covering all organizational aspects from operational planning and route planning to invoicing is everyday business to us and ensures that you have all the information and data you need anywhere and anytime. Our online project databases and apps make communication easy and efficient and help us to react quickly to any changes in plans.


Promotional staff need to know exactly what they are talking about – that’s why we pay utmost attention to professional trainings and kick-off events beforehand. Depending on your promotion staff’s profile, type of employment, timing and goals we design the best possible training that your staff can get. This training can take place in form of kick-off events, brand induction, product trainings, trade fair trainings or selling techniques. We make sure that your promotional staff will represent your brand and products perfectly.

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Cross- und Upselling

There is so much unused potential at the POS, mainly due to lack of organization and data management or unprofessional sales conversations. We want to change that – by thoroughly educating promotional staff about cross- and upselling and teaching them field-proven selling techniques. Create an amazing customer experience and boost your sales.

Data collection, data management and reporting

We constantly drive to make our clients better, smarter and more successful. Using real-time data to analyze your campaign’s success to develop your strategy and plan for success is the basis. Using OneTMS you can get easy, quick insights in real-time and tailor-made reportings. When and where did you sell best? How many days were covered by the promotional staff and how many were not? How many products were sampled, how many contacts were made? We make use of every opportunity to boost your sales activities.

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Successful promotion campaigns with TMS

For more than 25 years, we have had clients in numerous industries, in all sales channels, every single day. Managing Director and expert on sales promotions Uwe Morawe knows: “It’s all about working with the right people.” Our large staff database enables us to find the right people for you – with the right skills, know-how and personality for your campaign.

Boost your success at the POS

It’s all about the details: Successful promotions are about more than great marketing material and displays. Great organization starts with finding the perfect personality fit. But it goes far beyond find great promotional staff: Personnel planning, scheduling, route planning, campaign equipment, tools and documentation are key to a successful campaign – and learning how to continually optimize your impact at the POS.

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