Point of Sale Management

Retail is changing at an unprecedented pace, constantly changing the requirements and competitive dynamics of the market. Now it matters more than ever to present your products perfectly at the POS and to build brand recognition and loyalty. We combine all aspects of successful POS marketing in our service point of sale management.

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Increase your sales with professional POS management

Our POS management service focuses on the perfect presentation of your products at the POS. Our portfolio includes, amongst other things, regular shelf restocking, placing price tags and marketing material (e.g. shelf stoppers or posters), checking for freshness and best-before-dates as well as return management and sales. Every action is based on a thought through analysis of existing structures, potential analysis, KPI framework and the development of client-specific merchandising concept. Presenting your brand efficiently and perfectly is the key for long-term success in order to turn casual customers into brand lovers.

Our services include:

  • Merchandising
  • Placement optimization
  • Shelf management
  • Marketing material replacement
  • Order management and merchandise planning
  • Return management
  • Decoration and reconstruction services
  • Placement setup and modifications
  • Shelf restocking using the FIFO (first-in, first-out) method
  • Category management
  • Real-time reporting


Highlight your products with unique placements and catchy visual merchandising. Increasing sales depends on shelf management, restocking and price labelling. Rely on our field-proven, experienced shelf and POS managers and visual merchandising – for your brand’s success!

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Platzierungsoptimierung von Produkten im Supermarktregal

Placement optimization

Our merchandising specialists make the placement implementation and optimization look easy. They know all distribution channels such as food retail, convenience stores, gas stations or specialist shops and know how to convince store and department managers to follow your specifications.

Shelf Management

Do you believe shelf service and shelf optimization no longer play a role now that e-commerce is taking control? We believe that it is far from reality. It is more important than ever to optimize your brand’s image at the POS. Shelf layout, product quantity, shelf size, category of products and floor space are only some of the factors to consider. With TMS you can be reassured that your products will be presented perfectly, no matter where and when. We work with a vast network of shelf personnel, POS managers and merchandisers with retail experience and relevant training.

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First in, first out

Restocking according to the FiFo method

We make sure that your products are exactly where your shoppers expect them: on shops’ shelves. Our personnel takes care of restocking and checking for freshness by using the first-in, first-out method. Our quality of service combined with skilled work forces helps you to increase your brand recognition and loyalty.

Checking best before dates

No customer likes buying a product that has expired. But it can happen easily – and have a negative effect on your brand image and loyalty. For this reason, it is becoming more and more important that employees with a love for detail regularly check the best-before date. Our personnel are trained to pay attention to aspects such as these.

Mindeshaltbarkeitsdatumskontrolle von Buttererzeugnissen im Supermarkt
Ein Mitarbeiter steht am Regal zur Warendisposition und lächelt

Order management and merchandise planning

Thorough planning is the first step towards increasing your brand’s success – but actually making it happen is key. Merchandisers take care of the order management whereas our back office makes sure that everything is planned through.

Return management

Streamline your return management by working with professional staff who know the ins and outs of returns processing and preparation.

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Ein Mitarbeiter der TMS baut ein Regal um und baut um

Decoration and reconstruction services

Amaze your customers with perfect product presentations! Reliable staff experienced in creating brand worlds and optimizing placement can help you boost your sales – regardless of whether you are looking for short-term or long-term support.

Marketing material replacement

Making your promotions stand out is our speciality! Hundreds of TMS decorators and visual merchandisers make sure that your promotional material is positioned in the right way so your customers can see it. Paying special attention to up-to-date material and compliance is the key for presenting your brand. We take care of creating decoration guidelines for customer stoppers, display stands, wall mountings, folders, flip charts, brochure stands, product displays and many more. Our vast pool of professionals and experienced project managers will help you to get the most out of your campaigns. Fast, easy and professional.

Warenverräumung im Supermarkt
TMS Mitarbeiter beim Aufbau von Google Produkten im Store

Placement setup and modifications

Special in-store placements promote seasonal sales and significantlyincrease sales of promotional campaigns. But delivering projects on a national scale within a few days is an enormous task that requires a lot of staff. Working with an experienced POS agency such as TMS turns this challenge into a success story. Our track records show that our decorators and merchandisers have successfully executed nation-wide campaigns within less than 48 hours.

Category Management

Shelf layout matters! Grouping products into categories is a customer-oriented approach to increase cross- and upselling. Our specialists make sure that your category management is implemented in shelves, facings, product and brand layout. Furthermore, experienced TMS category managers can search for listings, label products and replace old merchandise.

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Reporting auf das Smartphone

Real-time reportings

More transparency, more flexibility and less inefficiency: Our specifically developed online reporting app OneTMS helps to increase your success. Tailored to our clients’ needs and projects, OneTMS has become an extensive tool with a vast, complex database. Reliable data with information regarding place of actions, timings, marketing material, logistics, photo pools and flight reporting help you know what is happening when, where and how at any given time.