E-Commerce Management made easy

We will help you sell more in every channel, both offline and offline. Connect in-store and online activities to leverage more sales, increase customer loyalty and drive brand demand with E-Commerce Management by TMS. That’s why we extended our trademarketing services with E-Merchandising and E-Promotion to help you deliver powerful omnichannel consumer experiences.

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Increase your online sales with E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce Management

Online sales keep increasing year after year and next to Amazon the platform landscape evolves and grows continually. Staying on top of all your online activities – where your products are being sold and by whom, how your products are presented and at what price – is an increasingly complex challenge. Many companies are already pursuing a multi-channel strategy, but struggle to truly connect their online and offline activities. By offering both support in E-Merchandising and E-Promotion we have developed a service that closes the gap between online and offline sales activities



Retail is detail, even more so online. We help you increase your sales by taking care of your platform management on Amazon, Ebay and other platforms. Getting the basics right is crucial, be it product information, compliance issues, product photos or smart pricing and category management. TMS works with carefully chosen digital shelf management tools in order to manage your brand across channels and online stores through actionable data and expert-led digital commerce insights.

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How long is your shelf?

Statistically, the decision to purchase is less impulsive when shopping online. It is all about the facts: Comprehensive, complete product information, up-to-date product photos, promotions and multimedia content are the drivers behind those purchases. TMS manages your digital shelf space across all channels and online stores while generating valuable insights.



Engage with your consumers across channels, both online and offline. Online promoters create engaging customer experiences that are sure to convert shoppers to loyal buyers. Highly skilled and trained e-promoters de-anonymize the online shopping experience by offering one-on-one consultations and explaining the perks of your products.

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Let shoppers experience your products – online and offline

Online shoppers can choose between talking in a live or video chat or getting support during a co-browsing session. Through a widget implemented in your website or any given online shop, our e-promoters make your brand come to life. In virtual showrooms, especially high-priced products or those in need of explanation become much more easier to understand while your shoppers feel more engaged and are more likely to increase their spend. Create engaging customer experiences your shoppers won’t forget.