Customer Experience Research

We are your partner for services at the POS. In order to support you even more, we have developed a Customer Experience Research service.

Our Shoptimizer service offers you mystery shopping, customer interviews, store and compliance checks as complementary modules.

Why? Because we know how much an objective and customer-centric analysis of your point of sale matters for the success of your shop. Shoptimizer helps you see your brand from your customer’s perspective and therefore generates important insights.

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Optimize your customer experience

Happy customers are loyal customers. Audit your impact at the POS and get to know your customers with customer experience research. Knowing the challenges and strengths of your customer experience on basis of special performance checks. With these insights you can make strategic decisions based on valid data and facts instead of just a gut feeling.


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping by Shoptimizer identifies your core customers, reveals your strengths and challenges and enables you to optimize your customer experience.

What is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping, also known as test purchase or test buying, is a method used for analyzing the quality of sales and service, job performance, compliance as well as gathering specific information about the customer experience at our POS. By mirroring common consumer behavior, mystery shoppers help you get an objective view of your customer experience. Legitimate mystery shopping service providers such as TMS ensure that the organization and analysis of your mystery shopping activities runs smoothly and efficiently. Our project team reviews and validates each report, as soon as it is registered by a mystery shopper in our system. During and at the end of your campaign, you benefit from valid data and tailor-made reportings in our systems. Complete transparency in every step.

TMS manages all processes and aspects from start to finish. We recruit and coordinate qualified mystery shoppers who know how to properly inspect your point of sale. As an experienced POS agency we know how to analyze their findings and offer you clear, field-proven optimization strategies.

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Store Check

Store checks by TMS review your store performance: from the product presentation to the offer conditions, our store checks show the actual impact of your campaigns.

What are store checks? Store checks are an essential tool for brands to determine if all the efforts of your marketing are paying off. Non-store staff run in-field examinations in selected stores to check how merchandise is displayed, how it is handled by the staff and how it is selling. Store check indicators such as product placement tests, market analysis and offer tests help gain an objective overview of your stores’ performance.

Predefined checklists and detailed photo documentation provide reliable, concrete data to evaluate your POS performance.

Customer Interviews

How satisfied are your customers with your brand and products? Customer interviews help you understand what your customers like or dislike and how you can improve even more.

What are customer interviews? Right after leaving the store, customers are getting interviewed by professional staff to find out more about their shopping preferences. Customers interviews are a valuable method to learn more about your customers and a qualitative addition to data and reporting from the POS. Whether it is staff, detailed interviews or quick, automated satisfaction ratings – learn more about your customers with customer interviews.

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