How we can support you at the point of sale

Amazing customers and successfully launching products with high sales should not be left to chance. But successful trade marketing can be challenging. That’s why it is our mission to be a strong partner as POS agency for our clients.

With our services and unique solutions for your point of sale, your brand performance will increase. Therefore, the main goal of all our trade marketing services is to create a contemporary, unique customer experience through successful sales support.

Ein Außendienst-Mitarbeiter der Sales Force steht vor einem Regal.

Whether they are small-scale or large-scale projects, temporary or long-term support, younger or more traditional companies – we know how to successfully manage our clients’ projects in industries such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Spirits
  • Tobacco
  • Telecommunications


A strong outsourcing partner

We are a strong sales outsourcing partner with decade-long experience and vast networks needed to create holistic shopper experiences.

An agency like TMS can help brands focus on their core competencies, free up resources and increase their success. By working with an outsourcing agency you can focus on innovating your long-term strategy: Instead of being tied by your operational business, you can focus entirely on improving your strategic market position.

Costs can be reduced and made more transparent, purchasing special hard- and software becomes superfluous and the quality of service will be vastly improved thanks to the special know-how of your chosen service provider.

We use our strength to strengthen our clients: We are communicative, authentic, fast, open, confident and most importantly: people-centered. Whether you are looking for single services or a full-service package, we will find a tailor-made solution with complete cost transparency.

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How we can support you at the POS