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Our services at the Point of Sale

Our philosophy

Inspiring customers and successfully driving product sales – your success at the point of sale should not be left to chance. Good trademarketing, however, is a skill on its own – one that we have mastered. As POS agency, we are a strong outsourcing partner for our clients. We know how to sell.

Be it smaller or larger projects, managing them within a given timeframe or permanently – we support our clients. These clients come from various industries and have put their trust in us: automotive, computer, entertainment, fashion, financial services, cosmetics, food, furniture and housing, retail, spirits, tobacco, telecommunications, pet food , toys, consumer electronics …

We offer point of sale (or point of purchase) services to strengthen our clients‘ brands.

And we do this by creating a contemporary, unique customer experience through successful sales support.

A strong outsourcing partner

As a strong and reliable outsourcing partner, we have founded and established our networks over several decades. Our goal as POS agency is to help our clients succeed by focusing on their core business.

Deciding to work with an outsourcing agency creates room for innovation: Your focus can shift from working in the operating business to improving your strategic market position. Costs can be reduced and analyzed transparently, the purchase of special hard- and software can be outsourced , and given the special know-how of your service provider, the quality of a service can be increased as well.

We use our strengths to support our clients at the POS: We are communicative, authentic, fast, open, confident and understand: trademarketing is a people’s business. From modular services to full-service packages, we will find the right solution for your company with complete cost transparency.

Our services at a glance

Sales Forces

Sales forces are a valuable support for your field service- be it as external, complementary sales support or as an independent sales force, be it temporary (leasing sales forces) or long-term (contracted sales forces) support.

Sales Promotion

Tastings, promotional events, trade fair or shop support: sales promotions are the "human face" of brands and create memorable customer experiences.

Point of Sale Management

With an eye for detail, we ensure that our clients make an impact at the point of sale. Merchandising, shelf maintenance, product placement, returns - we take care of all relevant processes.

Business Intelligence

Strategic decisions should be made based on facts and data. That’s why we offer a wide range of tools to strengthen your Business Intelligence. We have developed apps, create custom dashboards and enable real-time reportings for your success at the POS.


Successful shop management is not an easy task: location management is key, shop concepts need to be carefully developed and qualified shop personnel needs to be found and trained. That's why we developed the full-service branch Shopening.

TMS Talents

The war for talent is here – and it has never been more important to find both suitable qualified personnel and executives. With TMS Talents, a service focused on permanent placement, we help great people get great jobs – and help companies find great professionals.

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