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Social Responsibility at TMS

We take on responsibility in our society.

Social and community engagement has always been an integral part of the TMS corporate culture. Fundraisers that TMS has participated in and the sponsorship of young athletes serve as best examples. We contribute to the common good - by lending a hand as volunteers there where time, money or people are needed. The social projects of TMS build bridges between our staff and those people who need help für a specific project.

Several times a year we take action and help others - The TMS Social Days!

For these special days 15-20 of our employees are given time to jointly carry out a voluntary project. There is always enough to do, so: "Let's just do it!"“

Our MOTTO: to live our responsibility and share it,
to move something together, to strengthen our cooperation and create something big!!

Since mid-2016, we are a partner of the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (short: DKMS) and are committed to the fight against blood cancer. As a company we strive to help the DKMS database to grow steadily and thus increase the chances of survival for patients. Together we plan and carry out various activities with the aim of finding as many donors as possible.

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