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Mark Nitschke

With his inventive and decisive character, Mark Nitschke made a mark in the world of trade marketing already early on in his career. His international experience in various sectors as well as his extensive experience in project management equipped him well for taking TMS into future. He supervises the sectors Decoration Service and shop Specialist Personnel.




  • 2013: Member of the Management at TMS Trademarketing Service GmbH, Frankfurt
  • 2010: Project Manager at TMS Trademarketing Service GmbH, Frankfurt
  • 2009: Initiator and co-founder of the Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship, Maastricht
  • 2008: New Business Manager of Business Associates Europe GbR, Maastricht
  • 2007: Co-founder of GTM2 Trade GbR, Frankfurt
  • 2006: Project Manager at ENVY, Frankfurt
  • 2005: Co-founder of VJUSIC GbR, Frankfurt

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